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Wholesale Power Marketing

Power Operations & Marketing

For any wholesale electrical energy, transmission, or capacity questions and inquiries, please call the
phone number based on the particular time period:

Realtime (current hour or current day): 206.615.0966

Day-Ahead: 206.615.0971

Prompt Month and Balance-of-Month: 206.386.1304

Forward Months (Standard Products up to 24 months): 206.386.4516

Forward Months (Structured Products up to 24 months): 206.386.4526

Power Contracts & Resource Acquisition

For any long-term contracts (beyond 24 months) and for any inquiries concerning renewable energy
and Renewable Energy Credits (REC), please call: 206.386.4514

Risk Oversight Division

Settlements: 206.684.7886

Credit: 206.233.2756