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On-Site Oracle Training Services –
Information Technology Division

June, 2003

Seattle City Light’s (SCL) Information Technology Division requests qualifications from qualified consulting firms to provide training to SCL’s technical employees on Oracle 9i Application Server, Oracle 9i Application Development tools, and Sun Unix Coding.

The consultant(s) selected from this RFQ process will perform the tasks listed below. All work shall be performed under the administrative direction of a Project Lead appointed by SCL.

The Scope of Work is to provide comprehensive on-site training for approximately 5 – 12 City technical employees on various aspects of Oracle 9iAS and Sun Unix Coding. Training should be no longer than 3-5 days, per subject. Training will be scheduled on an on-call basis and agreed to through work authorizations. This training may include, but is not limited to, the following subjects:

The term of the contract shall extend from the date of execution by the Superintendent of Seattle City Light, or designee, through December 2005. SCL has identified a budget for a number of SCL technical employees who are in need of this training. Other units at SCL, as deemed necessary by SCL Management, may identify additional SCL technical employees and funding.

SCL, may at its option, amend the original contract for scope, time, and funding, subject to the continuing appropriation authority by the Seattle City Council.

SCL will work with the prospective consultant to identify a budget and not-to-exceed amounts for each task before it is assigned.

Copies of the Request for Qualifications and any other additional information may be obtained from Carmalinda Vargas, telephone number (206) 684-3095. Qualifications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. PST, Wednesday, July 16, 2003, to the address below:

The City of Seattle
Seattle City Light Department
Key Tower, Suite 3300
700 Fifth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104-5031
Attention: Carmalinda Vargas, Key Tower Room 2916


SCL’s proposed schedule is as follows:

Activity Date
Release RFQ 6/27/03
Last day for Clarification 7/8/03
Addendum/Clarification Issued 7/10/03
Qualifications due 7/16/03
Rate Qualifications 7/17/03 – 7/23/03
Finalists Notified 7/24/03-7/25/03
*Interview Finalists 8/4/03 – 8/8/03
*Apparent Consultant(s) Selected 8/11/03
*Contract Negotiations Initiated 8/12/03
*Contract Negotiations Completed 8/14/03
*Contract Executed 8/15/03

* These dates are for planning purposes only and may be altered


The contract that is awarded as a result of this RFQ will be awarded in a manner that will comply with all applicable laws of the United States, State of Washington, the City Charter, and Ordinances of the City of Seattle.


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