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Boundary Relicensing
Click here for more contact information! Boundary Relicensing Contacts:
Barbara Greene or
John Armstrong

The Boundary Project operates on a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued license that expires in 2011. FERC administers three different hydropower-licensing processes - Traditional (TLP), Alternative (ALP) and the new Integrated (ILP) process. The ILP process was the result of significant efforts by the appropriate federal agencies, the hydropower industry, and non-governmental organizations to address the issues and inadequacies of the other two processes. Seattle City Light studied the three processes and determined the ILP would best suit the City of Seattle's needs. More information on the ILP Process is available on the FERC website.

The ILP represents FERC's continuing efforts to provide more opportunity for early consultations and stakeholder participation before filing the license application. The ILP more clearly defines FERC expectations by requiring the applicant, FERC, federal and state agencies, tribes and other stakeholders to engage on a wide-range of issues within a structured, scheduled process of early consultation. The ILP identifies deadlines for stakeholder participation, and provides a degree of certainty regarding the process by bringing closure to additional information and study requests after filing of the license application.

Boundary Generator Floor The Federal Power Act gives mandatory conditioning authority to certain federal resource agencies that allows these agencies to impose conditions on a new license. Outside the Federal Power Act the federal Clean Water Act provides additional authority to both state and federal agencies to impose conditions on Seattle City Light's license.

Boundary Relicensing will begin formally when Seattle City Light files a Notice of Intent (NOI) to seek a new license and Preliminary Application Document (PAD), which are due between April 30 and September 30, 2006.
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