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green-e title with logo Green-e Energy is the nation's leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions.

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Top 25 List

July 2010

The Green Up Top 25 List highlights the annual green power purchases of leading Seattle City Light business customers.

Green Up works with all types of organizations — from small businesses owners, design professionals and retailers, to public institutions, commercial property managers and major corporations. Visit Business Sign-up for further information on Green Up.

  Top 25 Green Up Partner Annual Green Power Use (kWh) Award Category
1 University of Washington 14,956,000 Gold
2 Seattle University 2,541,600 Platinum
3 Starbucks (SODO) Center 1,913,600 Gold
4 King County Chinook Building 1,533,153 LEED
5 U.S. GSA – – Jackson Federal Building and US Seattle Courthouse 684,800 Silver
6 PCC Natural Markets 638,311 Gold
7 Rosetta Inpharmatics 496,000 LEED
8 Mithun 489,600 Platinum
9 Seattle Public Utilities Operations Control Center 460,128 LEED
10 Pagliacci Pizza 430,000 Platinum
11 McCallum Print Group 387,200 Gold
12 Antioch University 320,000 Gold
13 Shoreline City Hall 291,426 LEED
14 North Cascades Environmental Learning Center 290,000 LEED
15 Theo Chocolate 219,600 Platinum
16 ColorGraphics 178,400 Participant
17 Northgate Civic Center 153,935 LEED
18 Opus Northwest 146,229 LEED
19 Charter Construction 140,000 Platinum
20 Institute for Systems Biology 114,680 LEED
21 Chief Seattle Club/Monterey Lofts 81,805 LEED
22 The Schuster Group 76,800 LEED
23 Genelex Corporation 72,800 Platinum
24 Measurement Technology NW 70,682 Platinum
25 Seattle Parks – – Montlake Community Center Expansion 67,918 LEED

These Top 25 purchases amount to nearly 27 million kilowatt-hours annually, which is more than 33 percent of total Green Up purchases made by all Seattle City Light customers, and enough energy to power 3,000 homes.

Purchasing green power through Green Up helps support the development of new renewable energy projects in the Northwest and a sustainable green economy.

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