Seattle City Light DEBRA SMITH, General Manager and CEO
Global Change
Seattle University
901 12th Avenue, Seattle
Student Center (East Cherry St)

May 2005

Electricity Generation
· 5.3 kilowatts DC peak capacity

· (32) Sharp 165 watt multi-crystalline modules
· (3) SMA Sunny Boy 1800 watt 120 VAC inverters
· Cost: $32,346

Project Team
· Seattle City Light
· Seattle University
· WSU Northwest Solar Center
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Solar Project - Seattle University Student Center

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Project Summary
Seattle University's solar electric installation was a joint effort between seniors in the School of Science and Engineering and the Facilities department. The students determined the best location for the solar panels, sized the system, designed the mounting system and electrical connections, and provided engineering support to Facilities who installed the system. Seattle City Light and the NW Solar Center provided technical support to both the student team and facilities staff who installed the solar components and the web-based monitoring system.

The installation consists of three types of mounted arrays: a roof, south-wall and pole. The solar panels mounted on the Student Center's roof are visible to students living in a residence hall and an apartment building. The solar panels mounted on the Student Center's south wall are visible to both car and foot traffic on East James and East Cherry Streets. The pole-mounted solar array on the Student Center's south side is visible to foot traffic on campus and street traffic.

  Seattle University Student Center - Solar Project.
Seattle University Student Center.

The students sought to educate the campus community and general public, and gain attention to the project through an interactive demonstration display and web site. The educational display is strategically placed in the Student Center and consists of an interactive physical-moving object that reflects the energy produced by the sun. The students also created a web site that shows real-time data for the energy produced by the solar arrays, other Green Power funded projects and interactive literature on solar energy resources. (See the live data link below.)

The solar project helps Seattle University achieve the following goals:
  • Demonstrate continued commitment to reducing the school's environmental impact
  • Expand the green building features of the new Student Center
  • Offer faculty a resource for including renewable energy in their course curriculums
  • Educate and promote awareness of solar power to the public, students and staff
For more information about this project, please visit the School of Science and Engineering.

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