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Lighting Seattle since 1905 Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent
Global Change
Meridian Park Elementary School
17077 Meridian Avenue North, Shoreline, WA

September 2004

Electricity Generation
· 2.4 kilowatts DC peak capacity

Solar Equipment
· (8) RWE Schott Solar 300 watt poly-crystalline modules
· SMA Sunny Boy 2500 208VAC inverter
· Cost: $12,159

Project Team
· Seattle City Light
· Shoreline School District
· Shoreline Community Solar Project
· WSU Northwest Solar Center

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If you have questions, contact us at:
or call (206) 684-3800

Solar Project - Meridian Park Elementary School

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Project Summary
Sparked by a solar-power enthusiast and former schoolteacher, Seattle Green Power's system at Meridian Park Elementary School is the City of Shoreline's first public solar project.

Larry Owens formed the nonprofit "Shoreline Solar Project" as a way of organizing neighbors, public officials, community and business leaders, and renewable energy experts around his idea to create a solar energy project at his daughter's school.

"Our goal is to make renewable energy a part of people's daily lives, just like recycling," Larry says. "This project will raise awareness about solar power and sustainability among students, their parents, and our entire community."

Meridian's 2.4 kW system - Green Power's largest and most powerful system located at a school - is affixed atop the music building. Rest assured that the glass panels which shield rows of photovoltaic cells won't shatter if students should happen to sing or play off key!

For more information about the Shoreline Solar Project, e-mail

  Solar module installation on roof of the Band Room.
Solar module installation on roof of the music building.

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