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Lighting Seattle since 1905 Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent
Global Change
Dimmitt Middle School
12320 80th Ave S


Electricity Generation
· 2.6 kilowatts DC peak capacity

· (12) Sunpower 215W modules
· SMA SB 3000W 208VAC inverter

Project Team
· Seattle City Light
· Renton School District
· A&R Solar
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or call (206) 684-3800

Solar Project - Dimmitt Middle School

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Project Summary
"Seeing is believing" at Dimmitt Middle School in the Renton School District where 850 6th, 7th and 8th grade students take pride in 12 solar photovoltaic panels on the school's roof. Named after their school mascot, Viking One, the solar array produces 2.6 kilowatts, enough energy to power several classrooms.

"The overall goal is to promote renewable energy and demonstrate its viability," said Jonathan Stine, the Renton School District's Resource Conservation and Safety Manager. "It's really geared toward the science classes."

Dimmitt's renewable energy project is also the first in the Renton School District and plans are in the works for more solar projects at other schools. The school will show the amount of energy produced by the solar system on both the school's internet home page and the school district's website.

Seattle City Light's Green Power Program provided funding for the project and partnered with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation's Solar 4R Schools program for project management and education services. The school program helps teachers add solar and renewable energy concepts into science and other curriculum.

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