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· (5) Heliodyne Gobi 4x8 flat-plate panels

Project Team
· Seattle City Light
· Puget Sound Energy
· Seattle Aquarium
· Seattle Aquarium Society
· A&R Solar
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Solar Project - Seattle Aquarium

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Project Summary
The Seattle Aquarium uses solar energy to heat - what else, but water.

In 2009, the Aquarium installed a solar water heating system that pre-heats cold water entering the Aquarium Caf's natural gas water heating system. This lowers the amount of natural gas needed by the Caf, reducing CO2 emissions by 2.5 tons annually. The project received major funding from Seattle City Light's Green Power Program and Puget Sound Energy, with additional support from the private non-profit Aquarium Society.

As a result of the Aquarium's forward thinking, over 800,000 visitors each year are made aware of the productive use of solar energy in the community. Five solar panels on the south-facing wall of the Aquarium at Pier 59 are highly visible along the downtown Seattle Waterfront.

The Aquarium is a leader in recycling, energy efficient lighting upgrades, use of environmentally friendly products and the handling of toxic wastes. Also, the remodeled Puget Sound Hall incorporated the use of saltwater for cooling several display tanks which resulted in 25% more efficient use of energy.

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