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City Light is committed to protecting customers from scam attacks. If you suspect a scam attack or have questions regarding your bill call our Customer Care Center at 206.684.3000 as well as the Seattle Police Department at 206.625.5011.

If you are a victim and have made an illegitimate payment through Green Dot, you can file a dispute by visiting the and clicking on Report Fraudulent Activity or by calling 1-800-GREEN DOT (1.800.473.3636).

Local Scam Alerts

  • View this news story by about scam attacks taking place in the Ballard neighborhood
  • View this news story by warning residents about scam attacks and tips to empower and protect customers from falling victim to scams
  • View this news story by KOMO about scammers targeting businesses in Seattle

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Suspect a scam?
Call Customer Care Center at 206.684.3000.

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