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     Home Energy Evaluation

The first step toward improving the efficiency of your home is to improve your understanding of your home.

Do-it-yourself Home Energy Audit
There's a lot you can learn without the specialized tools of a professional auditor. We have developed a Do-it-yourself Energy Audit that helps you learn more about your home's energy use. Even if you're planning to have a professional audit, going through your home yourself will help you know which questions to ask and make you a savvier customer.

Check Your Appliances
We've worked with the Seattle Public Library to make checking your appliances' energy usage as easy as checking out a book. Take a Kill-a-watt energy monitor home to learn how much energy appliances use and track down where your energy vampires are lurking.

Free Energy Audit and Free Weatherization
For income eligible customers, the City's Office of Housing offers free home energy audits and free comprehensive weatherization services. For more information, visit the HomeWise website ( ) or call 206-684-0244.

Web-based Evaluation Tools
There are several web-based home evaluation tools that can provide additional insight into your home's energy use and help you prioritize spending on upgrades. Seattle City Light does not maintain or specifically endorse these tools, but we want to provide links to a few that you might find useful.

Home Energy Saver from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Home Energy Yardstick from ENERGY STAR

If you have any questions, please call an Energy Advisor at  206-684-3800.

Contact an Energy Advisor at
or call (206) 684-3800