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Conservation: Be Smart & Build Smart
Built Smart Users Manual: Specifications Chapter 2:
Required Inspections

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Incentive payments shall be made only after all incentive measures have been installed and inspected by a BUILT SMART representative.

BUILT SMART measures are eligible for one re-inspection to make necessary corrections.

A BUILT SMART inspector must conduct and document all of the following inspections during construction to confirm project incentive eligibility.
2.1 Slab-On-Grade/Full Under-Slab Insulation. Prior to concrete slab pour.

2.2 Exterior Wall Framing. Prior to the installation of wall insulation, all enclosed exterior wall framing cavities (e.g. headers, corners) shall be insulated.

2.3 Ceiling/Roof Framing. For adequate clearances to allow for full insulation coverage prior to installation of ceiling insulation.

2.4 Glazing. All windows and glazed doors must meet the required U-Values based on the approved design criteria of your building. IMPORTANT NOTE: The window supplier must supply the BUILT SMART representative with a window schedule identifying total glazing square footage, window sizes, U-Value for each type of window/glass door, and the weighted average U-Value calculation. Your BUILT SMART representative must be notified by your general contractor upon window delivery to confirm material compliance.

2.5 Caulking and Air Sealing. Prior to cover by insulation and/or gypsum wallboard.

2.6 Insulation. Prior to cover by any other materials (polyethylene [or other sheet] vapor retarder, gypsum wallboard (GWB), etc.).

2.7 Vapor Retarder. 1) For polyethylene and other sheet vapor retarders, prior to cover by GWB or other material. 2) For vapor retarder primer, at time of application. (Polyethylene vapor barriers are not recommended.)

2.8 Ventilation Exhaust Fans & HVAC Equipment. Specifications and calculations must be verified for compliance before installation.

2.9 The Final Inspection will confirm the proper installation of:
  • Heating Thermostats.
  • Whole House Exhaust Fans. Exhaust fans shall be tested for proper air flow Proper fan timer operation shall be confirmed.
  • Fresh Air Inlets. The correct number of fresh air inlets and their proper operability will be confirmed in all units.
  • Interior Door Undercuts. ½-inch minimum door undercut will be confirmed.
  • Lighting Fixtures & Controls. Compliance and final count confirmed.
  • Appliance Upgrades. Model numbers confirmed.
  • HVAC Equipment. Equipment upgrades confirmed at final inspection.

Interested in BUILT SMART incentives?
Contact an Energy Advisor at
or call (206) 684-3800.

Contact an Energy Advisor at
or call (206) 684-3800

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