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Boundary Hydroelectric Project
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A Diverse Range of Recreational Opportunities

The Boundary Hydroelectric Project occupies an important regional niche in the provision of outdoor recreational opportunities within a highly scenic, uncrowded setting. The 17.5-mile long, approximately 1,794-acre Boundary Reservoir offers many recreational activities, including boating, fishing, sightseeing, picnicking, and camping, among others.

Seattle City Light is committed to preserving and enhancing these recreational activities for visitors to the Boundary Project area, and is embarking on a number of projects to enhance these opportunities. Please check back frequently for updates.

A sample of recreational activities associated with the Boundary Project is provided below:

Visit Boundary Dam

Take a free guided tour to the Visitors' Gallery located deep inside a massive limestone cavern. For details, visit http://www.seattle.gov/light/tours/boundary.

Visitor Center    Limestone Cavern

Recreational Fishing Program

City Light is stocking trout in numerous lakes within a 15-mile area around the Boundary Project. Trout species stocked in these lakes will consist of westslope cutthroat, rainbow, rainbow triploid, and/or tiger trout. Approximately 12,000 pounds of fish will be produced and planted annually beginning in 2014 and continuing for the next 40 years.

Cutthroat Trout in Creek    3 Cutthroat Trout

Forebay Recreation Area

This City Light-operated campground is located just upstream from Boundary Dam and has 12 non-hookup sites (including six RV sites). Services include restrooms with running water (no showers) and a boat ramp providing access to the Boundary Reservoir.
There is no charge for the campground, but availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, and reservations are not taken. Stays are limited to six days. RV sanitation dump facilities and boat moorage are not available.

Campground by Lake    Boat Ramp

Metaline Waterfront Park

This shoreline park managed by the Town of Metaline provides opportunities for picnicking, boat launching, and shoreline fishing, among others.

Note: City Light will be constructing improvements to the Metaline boat launch in 2018. Please check back here for project updates and information on temporary site closures.
Metaline Waterfront Park Pic 1    Metaline Waterfront Park Pic 2

Vista House

Located immediately downstream of Boundary Dam on a promontory along the eastern bank of the Pend Oreille River, the Vista House was built in 1965 and provides panoramic views of the dam and surrounding landscape. The Vista House provides interpretive displays, restrooms, and a picnic area. There is also a 0.25-mile-long gravel trail providing access from the Vista House to an outdoor viewing platform.

The Vista House is open daily free-of-charge during the primary recreation season (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weeken). To visit the site, travel 11 miles north from Metaline Falls on State Route 31, and then two miles west on the Eastside Access Road, at Crescent Lake.

Vista House on Mountain    Vista House Amoung Trees

Dispersed Recreation Sites

Multiple areas along the reservoir shoreline provide opportunities for dispersed recreation activities, such as camping, fishing, and day use. Access to these shoreline sites is primarily by water, although some sites also have non-motorized trail or primitive road access.

Six of these sites have been selected for enhancements, which may include such amenities as a fire ring, picnic tables, a tent pad or pads, a watercraft landing/tie-up area, bulletin boards, and a primitive sanitation facility. These enhancements will be completed by 2020.

In order to provide non-motorized boaters an alternative to avoiding or running the rapids at the falls at Metaline Falls, City Light will develop a new portage trail in the vicinity of the falls by 2020.

Several sites along the shoreline are also part of the Pend Oreille River Water Trail. For information and maps of the water trail, visit http://www.pendoreilleriver.com/.

Canoeists @ Canyon Ranch    Camping Recreation

New Trails at the Boundary Project

The canyon reach area of the reservoir between Metaline Falls and Boundary Dam offers spectacular views of canyon features including geology and steep rock faces, wildlife, dense forest vegetation, nearby mountains, and seeps and waterfalls, including Peewee Falls, a destination spot located in a cove near the forebay. However, access to this area is primarily accessible only by watercraft.

In order to provide additional access to this area for visitors arriving by vehicle and foot, City Light is constructing two new viewpoints and trailheads along the eastern ridge of the canyon. One trailhead will offer views of Peewee Falls, and the other trailhead will be located near the Riverside Mine and offer views of the canyon. Both sites will be equipped with parking and restrooms and will be completed by 2020.

For hiking enthusiasts, City Light will construct a new, approximately 4-6 mile trail connecting the Peewee Falls and Riverside Mine Canyon viewpoints by 2023.

PeeWee Falls    Trail to View Points

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Comments are always appreciated. For more information or to provide feedback, please contact SCL_Recreation@seattle.gov.
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