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Apprenticeship, Electrician Constructor

Apprenticeship Program

Electrician Constructor & Generation Electrician Constructor Apprentice

Hiring Process

Candidates must successfully complete and score competitively on:
  • Electrician ConstructorWritten application and a review of their complete driving record
  • Written test on electrical theory, mathematics, mechanical reasoning, and worker attributes
  • Working test demonstrating knowledge of tools and electrical equipment, and the ability to perform work functions
  • Oral panel interview
  • Reference check - three work related references of your choice will be contacted
  • Pre-Employment physical - (A medical examination of the candidate to determine whether he/she can perform the mental and physical functions of the job.)
  • Background check - (Includes criminal history, driving record, education, and employment verification.)
Electrician Constructor Overview & Expectations
  • Both of these jobs are four-year (8,000 hour) training programs in which the apprentices learn to work with high voltage electricity and provide service and maintenance to substations and/or Generation Station (Dams) Maintenance throughout SCL’s distribution system.
  • Under the supervision of journey-level workers, apprentices perform work on transformers, conductors, circuit breakers, switches, protective devices, and cutouts and/or generation (dams) and transmission systems.
  • Apprentices work on poles, towers, and underground vaults performing physically demanding work in adverse weather conditions.
  • Generation Electrician Constructors are assigned to the hydro hydroelectric projects and apprentices do their training there. Electrician Constructors are assigned to locations in Seattle. While these crafts are related, the major difference is that the Electrician Constructor apprenticeship is heavily focused on the Seattle area substations, etc. and the Generation Electrician Constructor apprenticeship is heavily focused on the Skagit and Boundary Dam areas. They can, if necessary, work in the other’s areas.
  • Electrician Constructor Apprentices and Generation Electrician Apprentices attend at least 144 hours of Related Supplemental Instruction one evening a week throughout the school year for 4 years.

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