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Rate Schedules
Rates Effective May 1, 2010

Type of Service Word Document Adobe Acrobat PDF File
Residential: Seattle rsc.doc rsc.pdf
Residential Low-Income: Seattle recrlc.doc recrlc.pdf
Small General Service: Network smd.doc smd.pdf
Small General Service: Seattle smc.doc smc.pdf
Medium General Service: Network mdd.doc mdd.pdf
Medium General Service: Seattle mdc.doc mdc.pdf
Large General Service Network lgd.doc lgd.pdf
Large General Service: Seattle lgc.doc lgc.pdf
High Demand General Service: Seattle hdc.doc hdc.pdf
Residential: Burien rsb.doc rsb.pdf
Residential Low-Income: Burien rebrlb.doc rebrlb.pdf
Small General Service: Burien smb.doc smb.pdf
Medium General Service: Burien mdb.doc mdb.pdf
Residential: Shoreline rsh.doc rsh.pdf
Residential Low-Income: Shoreline rehrlh.doc rehrlh.pdf
Small General Service: Shoreline smh.doc smh.pdf
Medium General Service: Shoreline mdh.doc mdh.pdf
Large General Service: Shoreline lgh.doc lgh.pdf
Residential: Suburban rss.doc rss.pdf
Residential Low-Income: Suburban resrls.doc resrls.pdf
Small General Service: Suburban sms.doc sms.pdf
Medium General Service: Suburban mds.doc mds.pdf
Large General Service: Suburban lgs.doc lgs.pdf
Residential: Tukwila rst.doc rst.pdf
Residential Low-Income: Tukwila retrlt.doc retrlt.pdf
Small General Service: Tukwila smt.doc smt.pdf
Medium General Service: Tukwila mdt.doc mdt.pdf
Large General Service: Tukwila lgt.doc lgt.pdf
High Demand General Service: Tukwila hdt.doc hdt.pdf

         Rates Home  |  Current Rates: Map  List
Rates History:  Summary Table   Detail

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