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Lighting Seattle since 1902 Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent
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  Light, Power & Pride
           Creativity & Innovation Award Winner
  Fish Biology/Power Management Team
Dave Pflug Sr. Environmental Analyst Environment & Safety
Mike Sinowitz Dir. of Real Time Marketing Power Management
Jay Whaley Dir. of Monthly Marketing Power Management
  Dave, Jay, and Mike formed a fish biology/power management team that has allowed SCL to have both healthy salmon runs and inexpensive hydropower by the voluntary altering of flows and the foregoing of revenue. This unique collaborative effort by the team, and the resulting sophisticated integration of fish and power needs has resulted in a landmark fish flow agreement incorporated into our Skagit FERC license. The Skagit model has earned the Utility national recognition and now serves as the “model for the future”. Their actions have brought enormous credibility to SCL from federal and state agencies, the tribes, environmental groups, and the public.
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