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  Rates Team
Rates Team
Robert Bartley Economist Finance
Raquel Bennett Sr. Economist Finance
Judy Blinder Economist Finance
Garry Crane Sr. Economist Finance
Nick Dreyer Energy Research & Evaluation Analyst Finance
Brud Easton Principal Economist Finance
Carol Everson Rates Manager Finance
Arlene Geist Energy Research & Evaluation Analyst Finance
Paula Laschober Sr. Economist Finance
Joe McGovern Financial Planning Manager Finance
Diane Toefield Administrative Specialist II Finance
Cara Zemanek Management Systems Analyst Finance
  This team was instrumental in the development of City Light’s new and innovative rate structure, providing the Utility financial certainty for a longer period than has been true in the past. They incorporated several significant policy changes into the new structure and through strong team work and policy planning, presented the information in a clear and straightforward manner that greatly facilitated City Light’s ability to get timely Council decisions on the rate proposal. The teams’ efforts has helped City Light achieve a more equable rate structure and provided improved financial accuracy for the next budget cycle.
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