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Seattle City Light, Boundary Dam
Photographic Credits: Steel mill courtesy of Birmingham Steel. SAFECO Field courtesy of Seattle Mariners. All other photographs by Dave Pflug and Ian Edelstein, Seattle City Light and Executive Services Department, City of Seattle.
Seattle City Light Annual Report
The Power of Public Values
Serving the Pacific Northwest
Our 1999 Annual Report is presented in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format (1.5mb). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (information and free download here). For your convenience, we have posted individual sections as well as the full report. Click once to view the files. NOTE: To order the Seattle City Light 1999 Annual Report in print, please email Mary Scott at or call Mary at 206.684.3170. Thank you for your interest.
1999 Highlights  
These highlights include a chart of Seattle City Light's financial and energy data, graphs illustrating revenue dollar sources and uses, and maps showing the utility's energy resources.

Putting Public Values to Work in 1999  
Superintendent Gary Zarker highlights accomplishments that reflect our continued strength as a utility that can generate and distribute economical energy while responding to the values of our customer-owners and the needs of our customers, within a dynamic marketplace.

Delivering Clean, Reliable Power for a New Economy  
Not just any power will do. It must be clean, green and lean. Learn about where we've been, how we advanced in 1999 and what we're working towards to reduce environmental stresses related to energy production and consumption. Related links: Conservation |  Wholesale Power Marketing

Renewing Fish Runs, Habitats and Energy Sources  
While City Light's "Fish First" policy balances the needs of wild salmon migration and spawning on the Skagit and Pend Oreille rivers, the Endangered Species Act heightens its responsibilities as a major regional environmental steward partner. Saving the urban forest, reducing hazardous wastes -- all part of the work plan. Related links: Environment & Safety |  Global Warming |  Salmon Friendly Seattle

Empowering Workers to Compete and Excel  
City Light's most important asset is the skill, dedication and loyalty of more than 1,700 employees. Read all about it -- from improving the downtown distribution network, to building generation upgrades, to keeping the lights on, to heroic actions. Related links: 1999 Light, Power & Pride Award Winners

Financial Information  
This section of detailed financial information includes:
  • Summary of Financial Results, Independent Auditors' Report
  • Balance Sheets
  • Statements of Income and Changes in Retained Earnings
  • Statements of Cash Flows
  • Reconciliation of Net Operating Income to Net Cash Provided By Operating Activities
  • Notes to Financial Statements
  • Financial Summary
  • Interest Requirements and Principal Redemption on Bonded Debt
  • Debt Service Coverage: Prior Lien Bonds
  • Statements of Bonded Debt

Customer Statistics  
This section's charts and graphs show:
  • Average Number of Customers
  • Kilowatt Hours Used
  • Average Annual Revenue Per Customer
  • Average Annual Consumption
  • Average Rate Per Kilowatt Hour
Related link: 25 City Bill Comparison

This section's charts and graphs show:
  • Power Costs
  • Power Statistics
  • Sources of Power
  • Uses of Power

This section's charts and graphs show:
  • Changes in Owned Total Generating Installed Capacity
  • System Requirements
  • Total Generation and Firm Energy Load

Utility Plant: Financial Charts and Graphs  
Payroll and Employee Benefits
Taxes and Contributions to the Cost of Government
Retail Electrical Customer Investment  
This section includes a chart on public purpose spending and energy savings.

Elected Officials and Executive Team  
This section identifies City of Seattle elected officials and Seattle City Light's executive team as of January 2000.

Seattle City Light Mission Statement  
Gary Zarker, Seattle City Light Superintendent, 2000
Seattle City Light 1999 Annual Report
© Seattle City Light, City of Seattle
With inquiries or concerns about reported financial information, please email Fernando Estudillo at or call Fernando at 206.684.3832. With other questions or comments, please email Marilyn Mar at or call Marilyn at 206.684.3832.
Last update: 6/28/01
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