Cost of a business license tax certificate

$110 is the yearly cost for a Seattle business license tax certificate in most cases. Prior to 2015, the business license tax certificate fee is $90.

Summary of license tax certificate fees

This table summarizes Seattle business license tax certificate costs:

Business License Tax Certificate TypeCostExpires on
Standard $110 per year Dec. 31
Small business $55 per year Dec. 31
Additional locations $10 per year for each branch Dec. 31

Small businesses pay $55 a year. To qualify you must have total revenues of less than $20,000 in a year. Total revenue includes income generated from business activity in Seattle and all other business locations.

If you have more than one business location in Seattle, you must pay an additional $10 per year for each additional branch location.

If you start your business in the second half of the year, after July 1, then your license tax certificate fee will be reduced by half.