Get a business license

Anyone doing business in Seattle must have a Seattle business license. In addition to the helpful information on these pages, the Office of Economic Development's Grow Seattle program offers resources and assistance for starting and growing a business in Seattle.

How to apply

There are three ways to apply for a business license:

  • Online – To apply online, click the Seattle electronic filing system (SELF) button above.
  • In person – To apply in person, visit the business licensing office on floor 42 of the Seattle Municipal Tower. You can complete a business license application, pay the fee and in most cases immediately receive your license.
  • By mail – To apply by mail, download a Seattle business license application. Then fill it out and mail it to us along with your payment.

Before you apply

These pages provide details and other helpful information about getting a Seattle business license:

License application help
The information you need to know about your business before filling out a license application.

Cost of a business license
A standard license costs $110 per year in most cases.

License processing timeline

How long it takes to get a copy of your license varies. If your application meets all requirements and is approved, this is when you can expect to get a hard copy of your license:

Submit your application:Get your license:
In person Same day
Online 1 to 2 weeks
By mail 1 to 6 weeks

The fastest way to get your license is to visit the Seattle Municipal Tower and apply in person. Once we process your application, we will give you an official hard copy business license.

If you apply for a license online or by mail, we will mail your license to you. You cannot print your own copy.

Lost your license?

If you lost or misplaced your business license, contact us. We will mail you another hard copy. Or you can visit the Seattle Municipal Tower to get a copy of your business license.