Cancel a business license

If you no longer do business in Seattle and need to cancel your business license, please tell us in writing. Just letting your business license expire does not cancel your license.

To cancel your license, complete the online form below. Or send us an email or letter with the following information:

  • your name and phone number
  • customer number
  • legal name of the business
  • date business closes

You must file your final tax return and pay any outstanding taxes within 10 days of closing your account.

Cancel A City of Seattle Business License

What is your customer number?

What is the business's LEGAL name?

Closing of Business effective date: month, day, year.

Your name?

Daytime phone number?

Fax # (if available)?

What is your email address?

Do you have a SELF account?
Yes. I will log onto my SELF account when instructed and file my final tax forms.
No. Please mail, email or fax my final tax forms to me.

We will mail, email or fax tax forms and other notices on the first business day after receiving this notice. Per SMC 5.55.130 (A), the taxpayer shall, within ten (10) days thereafter, file the return(s) and pay the tax due, if applicable.