An Ordinance Regulating Swine.
Approved December 22, 1869

The City of Seattle does ordain as follows:
That from and after the fifteenth day of January, A.D. 1870, no hogs shall be permitted to run at large within the City of Seattle at any time, and if found running at large it is made the duty of the City Marshal to impound each and every such swine, in a common pound prepared by said Marshal for such purpose; whence they shall not be released until the owner or some other person shall pay to the City Marshal the sum of one dollar for his fee in receiving and discharging or selling each and every swine so impounded, and the sum of fifty cents for the proper sustenance of every such animal for every twenty-four hours the same shall be kept, and such owner shall be subject to a penalty of two dollars for every such animal found running at large; and it shall be the duty of said Marshal, when he shall have impounded any such animal, to give forty-eight hours notice of the sale of said swine, by posing notices in two public places; and if the owner fails to redeem said swine, the same shall be sold at Public Vendue, and the proceeds used to defray the expenses of said sale, and the overplus, if any, to be paid into the City Treasury.