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New Requirement for written PSST policy

2016 Guide For Seattle Workers and Employers

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Fair Chance Employment Ordinance (FCE)

Paid Sick & Safe Time Ordinance (PSST)

Please note: our FAQs are being revised to reflect recent changes to Seattle's labor standards laws. The revised FAQs will be posted later this month. Until then, please review the changes to these ordinances and consider them when reading the current posted FAQs. If you have a specific question, email

General Brochure

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Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO)

2016 Workplace Poster (Minimum Wage and Wage Theft)

Fact Sheet - Large Employers

Fact Sheet - Small Employers

Wage Theft Ordinance (WTO)

Notice of Employment Information

Workplace Poster (Minimum Wage and Wage Theft)


Fair Chance Employment Ordinance (FCE)

General Brochure

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