Commitment to Immigrants and Refugees

OLS Protects Refugee and Immigrant Rights

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) is committed to serving all of Seattle's workers and businesses to advance labor standards in the City of Seattle. Wage theft among immigrant and refugee workers is widespread and largely unreported. OLS offers free services to all people regardless of their immigration status. These services include investigating potential violations of labor standards, conducting outreach to workers and businesses, and providing resources and referrals. Read more about our Committment to Immigrant and Refugee Communities here.

Newsletter: OLS Commitment to Immigrants and Refugees

Additional Resources

For employees and businesses preparing for an immigration enforcement action at a workplace:

For DACA recipients:

    • City of Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs' DACA webpage, which includes basic information and free DACA assistance events that the City's community partners are organizing in and around Seattle
    • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project DACA resource page
    • National organization Here to Stay helpful link page, including mental health care advice

Legal Services:

    • The Seattle-King County Immigrant Legal Defense Network provides free legal services. You must be low-income and work in the city of Seattle, or live in King County to qualify.