Hotel Employees Health and Safety Initiative - SMC 14.25

Proposed HEHS Administrative Rules

The Office of Labor Standards (OLS) has proposed Chapter 150 (SHRR 150), Administrative Rules for the Administration of the Hotel Employees Health & Safety Initiative (HEHS). Members of the public have until April 23, 2018 at 5:00pm PST to comment on these proposed rules. The full text of the rules is available below:

Proposed HEHS Administrative Rules

Please send comments by email to or by regular mail to:

Seattle Office of Labor Standards
810 Third Ave., Suite 375 Seattle, WA  98104-1627
Attn: Jeneé Jahn, OLS Policy Analyst/Chapter 150

You can also comment by calling 206-256-5297.

Chapter 150 will provide the framework for the administration of the HEHS Initiative. The administrative rules clarify many issues including:

  • Scope of the right to paid time to make a police statement or consult with an advisor after reporting an act of violence by a hotel guest;
  • Requirements related to cleaning limitations and premium pay for employees providing housekeeping services;
  • Requirements related to payment of additional compensation related to health insurance costs and related exceptions to payment; and
  • Content of the employee rights notice.

The Office of Labor Standards will issue final rules in May 2018. Additional resources including a Questions and Answers document, model notice of employee rights, and an updated Employer Record-keeping Guide, will be made available on or around the same date. 

Seattle voters approved Initiative 124 in November 2016

I-124 establishes protections for the health and safety of hotel employees working in Seattle.  SMC 14.25, the new ordinance created by the initiative took effect on November 30, 2016. The ordinance contains seven key sections:

  • Protecting hotel employees from violent assault and sexual harassment
  • Protecting hotel employees from injury
  • Improving access to medical care for low income hotel employees
  • Preventing disruptions in the hotel industry
  • Enforcement
  • Definition
  • Waiver

The Office of Labor Standards will be developing a timeline for issuing Rules on implementation and enforcement. For more information, contact Jeneé Jahn at 206-256-5426 or email

Hotel Employees Health and Safety Initiative - SMC 14.25

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