The mission of the Office of Labor Standards is to advance labor standards through thoughtful community and business engagement, strategic enforcement and innovative policy development, with a commitment to race and social justice.

20167 Seattle Labor Standards Ordinances

These ordinances cover all employees working inside Seattle city limits, regardless of employees’ immigration status or location of their employer.

Paid Sick and Safe Time (SMC 14.16)

Requires paid leave for medical or safety issues

Fair Chance Employment (SMC 14.17)

Limits use of conviction and arrest records

Minimum Wage (SMC 14.19)

Sets minimum wages for employees

Wage Theft (SMC 14.20)

Provides protections against wage theft

2016 Seattle Labor Standards Ordinances Poster

2017 Seattle Labor Standards Ordinances

This poster must be displayed in a conspicuous and accessible place at job sites, in English and the language(s) spoken by employees.

Seattle Administrative Wage Theft Ordinance (SMC 14.20)

Seattle workers have additional protections from wage theft.

Starting April 1, 2015, a new wage theft ordinance requires employers with employees working in Seattle to pay all owed wages and tips; provide employment information at time of hire, change in employment and each time wages and tips are paid; and provide written notice of employee rights against wage theft.

The ordinance also permits the City’s Office of Labor Standards, a new division within the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, to conduct administrative investigations of non-payment of wages and tips.

It still remains a crime to commit wage theft under SMC 12A.08.060.

Protections against retaliation

Employers are prohibited from taking adverse action (e.g. firing, demoting, and making threats to report immigration status) against any person for exercising rights protected by this ordinance.

Notice of Employment - English

Notice of Employment Information

The written notice must be provided in English, Spanish and any other languages commonly spoken by employees at the work site.

Notice of Employment Information (English)