Homelessness Data Model

Project Overview:

Reporting on homeless investments often takes weeks to manually update spreadsheets, reconcile, and validate before analysis even begins. The University of Washington Information School Capstone Course is working with Seattle Human Services Department, Amazon and Tableau to create a data model solution that will automate a manual process and create a connection between input data and business visualizations.

Project Background:

The current data used by a division of the Human Services Department called the Homelessness Strategies & Investments ("HSI") is managed in several files that are manually updated by one person. This project will improve reporting on homeless investments, budgets, outcomes, and program model information with automated reporting. The outcome will be a functioning data solution that holds multiple complex data models for analysis. This would include a user interface for staff to update real time changes as they happen, the ability to connect any of the modeled data to an outside source, and a business intelligence functionality for data visualization and analysis.

Project Team:

  • University of Washington Information School Capstone Program
  • Amazon
  • Tableau
  • Human Services Department
Seattle  (Feb. 18, 2020) – During her third annual State of the City address, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan outlined progressive actions and her continued work to deliver improved outcomes. After two years of urgent action on homelessness, including the [...]
Overview The first phase of the Homelessness Data Model included goal setting and planning for the work that will be done by the University of Washington Information School Capstone students. Reporting on homeless investments with a data model [...]