Earthquake Early Warning – 2019

Project Overview:

The Earthquake Early Warning project will build a last-mile alert prototype to deliver early warning of impending hazardous ground shaking to key public safety officials enrolled in a beta test. The project will provide critical feedback to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to help test the effectiveness of their earthquake sensor network and notification platform. The knowledge gained from this beta project will help prepare for a successful launch to the general public in the Pacific Northwest.

Project Background:

The USGS has obtained funding from the federal government to build a network of sensors and transmitters that can detect earthquakes near the epicenter and send early warning signal to receivers in population centers. The system exploits the difference in speed between radio waves and seismic waves. What is missing is the "last mile" from the receivers and the public. This project will develop products within a regional plan framework being developed by the Washington State Emergency Management Division.

Project Team:

  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Twitter

Contact: TJ McDonald,