The Innovation Advisory Council (IAC) was launched on August 2, 2018, by way of an Executive Order signed by Mayor Durkan. It includes a range of our region's most innovative companies committed to sharing insights and expertise with the City as the City develops data-driven technological approaches to addressing our priority areas of homelessness, affordability, mobility, and delivery of basic services.

The IAC is more than a council, it is a partnership between local technology talent and civic leaders to foster innovative thinking in the City of Seattle. 

What does the IAC do?  

Quarterly Meetings: The IAC meets with Mayor Durkan on a quarterly basis to discuss what's next in innovation, and how to use new tools to address the City's key priority areas of homelessness, mobility, and delivery of basic services.  

Project Deliverables: Early on, the Mayor's Office worked with department directors to identify project opportunities in partnership with IAC members. Each project needed to have a project manager identified and reach completion by the end of 2019.  

In October 2018, nearly sixty people met for a half day at Tableau to match projects. Department directors and staff made a "pitch" for 3 minutes, and answered questions from IAC members for 7 minutes. With facilitation from Artefact, each IAC member prioritized which project would be a good match, and we partnered accordingly. Seven projects will move forward and be completed by the end of 2019.  

Knowledge Exchanges: Once a month a member of the IAC will be invited to City Hall for a "brownbag" discussion with city staff. This will be a learning opportunity for either one speaker or a panel to highlight project management processes, new technical offerings, and other continued education learning discussions for professional development and innovation learning.  

Internal Review Board

This is a new and exciting way to do projects for the City. To ensure the City's values are top of mind with these efforts, the Mayor's Office created an Internal Review Board. The board reviews each project to ensure inclusion, privacy, ethics, public disclosure, legal considerations, procurement, security, budget and open data requirements are embedded. Members of the IRB include:  

Jessica Nadelman, City Attorney's Office
Ginger Armbruster, Chief Privacy Officer
Andrew Whitaker, Director of Security, Risk, and Compliance
Wayne Barnett, Director of Ethics and Seattle Elections
Tara Duckworth, Seattle IT
Dayo Vice and Chris Alejano, Mayor's Office Change Team
Jennifer Breeze, City Budget Office
Jeff Slayton, City Attorney's Office
Paul Alley, Open Data Program Manager  

Contact Us

Have questions or want to get involved?  

Tina Walha, Director | Innovation and Performance | Tina.Walha@seattle.gov
Anthony Derrick, Digital Associate | Mayor's Office | anthony.derrick@seattle.gov
Sabrina Bolieu, Business Liaison | Mayor's Office | sabrina.bolieu@seattle.gov