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Setting Up an RSS Feed

Our information security newsletter now features RSS feeds. In case you are not familiar with this technology, here is a quick tip on what it is and how to use it.

The acronym RSS stands for either "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary" depending on who you talk to. In any case it is basically a Web format used to publish frequently updated content like our newsletter. If you subscribe to an RSS feed, you can get notices about new content as soon as it is published. In the case of our newsletter (and other blogs, etc that use RSS) you will see a list of each article with a few lines of text. You can then click the link to that article and read it.

To set this up, your first step is to sign up for an RSS reader. There are many places that offer these. I use Google - and to sign up for that you just go to Google, find 'Reader' under their 'more' list and sign up. Yahoo and others also offer similar readers. Once you are signed up for a reader, it will automagically gather up all the RSS feeds you subscribe to every day and you can simply go to your reader to see what's new. Cool, eh!?

The next step is to subscribe to RSS feeds. In the case of our newsletter for instance, look for the RSS logo on our newsletter page and click on it. The logo is an orange square with a dot in the bottom left corner and two semi-circular lines radiating out from that dot. When you click on the dot, you will most often be taken to an XML page. This looks a little scary to the uninitiated but never fear. All you need is the URL or web address in the address bar on top. Highlight that address and copy it. Then open up your reader and find the 'Add Subscription' command. Click on that and simply paste in the address you copied. Voila! You are now set to go and your reader will let you know everytime a new item is added to our newsletter.

Last Updated: November 17, 2008