The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is the central information technology organization for the City of Seattle. We partner with our customers to provide reliable and secure information and communication solutions that make technology work for the city.

Internal-facing lines of business

Serving our internal customers of City employees and departments, DoIT builds and operates the City's corporate communications and computing assets, allowing City government to better manage information and deliver services to constituents more efficiently. This includes network and phone support, desktop services, server and operating system support, messaging, mobile computing and guest wireless, as well as maintaining the public safety radio system for King County and the City's fiber program.

The City's Office of Information Security, also run through DoIT, protects the city's computing systems and computer networks, along with providing security guidance to residents of Seattle.

Some of these programs serve City government as a whole, while others serve only specific departments.

External-facing lines of business

Serving our external customers, residents and visitors of the City of Seattle, DoIT maintains the City's web presence at as well as the open data portal, and the City's Emmy-award winning municipal television station, the Seattle Channel. Many of these programs serve internal customers as well, helping them to reach their external customers.

DoIT also manages a community technology program, providing residents and neighborhoods with access and training for technology. The City's public access channel, Seattle Community Media, is contracted through the Department of Information Technology.

The Office of Cable Communications oversees the City's cable television franchises and serves as a resource for Seattle residents with questions or concerns regarding their cable service.

DoIT staffs the City's Telecommunications and  Technology Advisory Board, a 10-member group charged with advising City leaders on issues related to information and communications technology.