Technology Initiatives & Long-term Projects

The Department of Technology provides proactive leadership in the use of technology and information solutions to improve the City's operations and service delivery. These initiatives and long-term projects reflect our commitment to technology in the City.


Privacy Initiative
The collection of data occurs in every day City processes, such as paying a utility bill, renewing a pet license, browsing a web page, or signing up for an email list. The increasing complexity of emerging technologies, business systems and laws mean the City must take appropriate steps to facilitate the collection, use, and disposal of data in a manner that balances the needs of the City to conduct its business with individual privacy, in a manner that builds public trust.

Broadband Initiative
Internet access is the infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century. The internet, and access to the information and services it provides, is responsible for economic growth, job creation, education, and a better quality of life. But, the internet only creates value for those who have affordable access an d the digital literacy skills to use that access effectively. The City must continue to explore all options that would increase the availability of competitive, affordable gigabit broadband internet access. Learn more:

Digital inclusion
The City of Seattle is committed to providing access to the internet and computer technologies to all Seattlelites, ensuring that residents have the training and tools necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment and lifelong learning. is an open source, city web site where more than 131 kinds of raw data can be viewed as maps or charts and used by the public for computer analysis or the development of new applications. To date, the City has built seven applications with this data.

Next Generation Data center
In 2013 the City of Seattle started planning and designing alternatives for a data center that will provide the city with more capacity, redundancy and resiliency than the current system. This cross-departmental effort to replace the City's data centers is expected to take three years to complete.

Office 365
The City of Seattle is currently undergoing the transition to O365, putting us in-line to becoming one of the first large jurisdictions to move to cloud-based computing. This transition is expected to be completed in 2014.

Long-term projects

Content Management
The Citywide team works closely with web professionals in other City departments to produce the site as a whole. You may notice some changes to the City's website as all departments shift into the new content management system framework. We hope to have the entire city website into the new easier to populate and navigate framework in 2014.

Radio network
The City of Seattle is working with King County and other co-owners of the existing 800 MHz radio system to develop the next generation King County emergency radio system.