RFP DIT 140078 -- CLOSED

OPEN - Request for Proposal: DIT 140078 - Posted June 3, 2014

Request for Proposal for PRISEM Information Technology System Enhancements

The City is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to perform services in support of the Public Regional Information Security Event Management (PRISEM) System.  The Consultant will develop information technology systems enhancements and provision one jurisdiction. Provisioning does not include providing equipment.  A qualified Proposer will have  experience in the Nitro Security Event Information Management product and development experience with security event data. 

Request for Proposals 140078   (PRISEM System Enhance RFP 140078.docx)

Consultant Questionnaire  (PRISEM System Enhance Consultant Questionnaire 140078.docx)

Minimum Qualifications  (PRISEM System Enhance Minimum Qualifications Form 140078.docx)

Written and Financial Proposal Form (PRISEM System Enhance Written and Financial Proposal Form 140078.doc)

Draft (PRISEM system Enhance Contract 140078.docx)