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Working together, delivering opportunity, innovation and technology.

Led by the City of Seattle's Chief Technology Officer Michael Mattmiller, the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is the central information technology organization for the City of Seattle. We partner with our internal and external customers to provide reliable and secure information and communication solutions that make technology work for the city.

DoIT builds, operates and maintains a wide variety of technology policies, tools and systems that support every department in City government and meet the needs of our customers: the public and City of Seattle departments and employees.

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Seattle has a population of nearly 600,000 residents and a City government of about 10,000 employees. DoIT has 192 full-time employees and a budget of $49 million. Approximately 600 employees work in information technology units throughout City government.

About Us

Annual Reports

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Organization Chart for DoIT

The Department of Information Technology is responsible for providing technology services and policy planning for our customers, Seattle's citizens and City of Seattle departments and employees.

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Executive Leadership Team

Michael A. Mattmiller
Chief Technology Officer

Robert William Norris
Communications Technologies Director

Ryan Meeks
Technology Program Management Office Director

Kendee A. Yamaguichi
Office of Digital Engagement Director

Patti DeFazio
Director of Financing and Contracting Services

Andre Nellams
Human Resources Manager

Megan Coppersmith
Public Information Advisor

General questions about DoIT or technology at the City of Seattle? Contact us: DoIT.receptionist@seattle.gov or 206-684-0600.