Five Seattle Commissions write to express their collective support and enthusiasm for elevating the prominence of Social Equity in the City of Seattle Comprehensive Plan - February 2, 2015
TO: Mayor and Mike O'Brien, Planning Land Use and Sustainability Committee Chair, Seattle City Council

Regarding the arbitrary detention by State of Mexico of U.S. Citizen Nestora Salgado - August 18, 2014
TO: The Honorable John F. Kerry, Secretary of State

Mayor's Action Plan for the Seattle Preschool Program - May 29, 2014
TO: Seattle City Council and Mayor 

Proposed Seattle City Council Resolution on Immigration Reform - May 21, 2014
TO: Seattle City Council 

Rideshare and Taxi regulation impact on Immigrant and Refugee Communities - February 13, 2014
TO: Seattle City Council and Mayor 

Regarding funding initiatives in the Parks Legacy Plan - November 12, 2013
TO: Parks Legacy Advisory Committee

Fair contract for Seattle Space Needle workers - September 16, 2013
TO: Ron Sevart, President and CEO, Space Needle LLC