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News Releases (last 90 days)


Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and Clear Channel Launch Multi-language Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign

FY 2013 State Audit Report

On September 30th the Washington State Auditor's Office issued its Report on Federal Single Audit for the City Of Seattle. According to the audit, HSD does not have adequate internal controls to effectively monitor service providers for grant compliance. The Department has submitted an action plan to take corrective measures to address the concerns raised in the audit and to institute better performance and increase transparency within the department. This action plan is included in the State's Audit Report.


Audit Findings: Immediate Action Steps (January 2015)


Establish Department expectations of adequate backup documentation.


Focus the internal auditor's work plan on verifying adequate documentation exists within the Department's daily workflow.

In Progress

Complete skills assessment for all staff assigned to work with contracts.

In Progress

Ensure alignment of expectations for contract compliance within staff work plans.


Verify the "known questioned costs" and pursue recovery of funds as appropriate.


Verify the "likely questioned costs" and pursue recovery of funds as appropriate.


Examine current staffing capacity and determine if additional staff resources are needed.

In Progress

Launch a new Contract manual to provide policy and practice guidance to all staff.

2013 Annual Action Plan

The City of Seattle is proposing to substantially amend the 2013 Annual Action Plan that was submitted to US Housing and Urban Development in November 2012 regarding plans to spend the 2013 Consolidated Plan funds. The substance of the amendment is found in this document. Legislation authorizing the changes in amendment will be subject to a public hearing, to be held at a meeting of the Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture Committee of the Seattle City Council on August 14, 2013, at 2 p.m., in the City Council Chambers. Comments on the proposed amendment may be directed to Michael Look, CDBG Administrator, by e-mail to, by phone at 206-615-1717, or by US Mail to P.O. Box 34215, Seattle, Washington, 98124-4215. Comments must be submitted before August 30, 2013 to be considered.


  • The 2010 Child and Youth Well-Being Index is an analysis by the Foundation for Child Development. Among other findings, the report shows that the number of children living in poverty this year in the U.S. will climb to 22 percent, the highest in two decades.
  • Two reports provide some informative demographic data that will inform the delivery of services to refugees. The first report provides a breakdown of refugee arrivals to Washington state by city and country of origin. The second report provides an overview of the refugee service delivery in the region.
  • Who Pays the Price? Youth Involvement in Prostitution in Seattle is a report released by the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Division. This report by Dr. Debra Boyer was commissioned to guide funding and policy decisions, and to help facilitate a more coordinated response to the problem.
  • Quiet Crisis: Age Wave Maxes Out Affordable Housing, King County 2008-2025
    With the number of seniors in King County expected to double by 2025, government and community leaders must work together to meet the challenge of providing enough affordable housing for this growing population. Read the report.
  • Human Services Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) provides high-level policy direction and recommendations for investments in human services. The SIP is used to set investment priorities, guide budget decisions, and select the most effective strategies to meet our mission. An annual status report on the implementation of the SIP was recently presented to the City Council.
    Read the status report.


  • Life Lines - HSD's e-newsletter to keep you informed about our human services efforts across the city. Check out the latest issue.
  • Spotlight - published three times a year by the Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens, provides articles and event information of interest to elders and their families.

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