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HSD Funding Opportunities

The Seattle Human Services Department is one of the largest contributors to Seattle's safety net as it provides $99 million in funding through 522 contracts to nearly 200 agencies that support Seattle’s most vulnerable residents each year.

The department works closely with our major community partners, including other public and nonprofit funders and service providers, to understand current and emerging human service needs, and to create and invest in a comprehensive and integrated regional human services system. The service or program areas identified for proposed funding align with the Human Services Departments mission and vision, Strategic Plan, Healthy Communities, Healthy Families, and HSD's Strategic Investment Plan (SIP).

Current Funding Opportunities

Doula Services for Low Income Women

Funding Level: up to $75,000
Application Deadline: Monday, March 2, 2015

Doula services provide support to pregnant women before, during, and in the weeks following birth. Services include home visits before and after birth, and support during labor and delivery, as well as serving as liaison to public health providers, medical providers and government services. Doula services must be culturally and linguistically responsive to meet the needs of each family.

Link to application materials.

Rapid Re-Housing for Single Homeless Adults

Funding Level: up to $620,000
Application Deadline: Monday, March 2, 2015

A new program to provide individuals experiencing homelessness, either on the street or in shelter, with short-term (up to 3 months) rental subsidies to transition them quickly out of homelessness. This program will also fund employment navigation services such as résumé preparation, interview training, and employment search opportunities for the duration of enrollment in the program.

Link to application materials.

Community Living Connections (CLC)


Funding Level: up to $2.3 million
Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Approximately $2,344,929 is available to nonprofit agencies interested in providing services through the CLC-ADRN in King County.  The CLC-ADRN connects older adults and people with disabilities to needed services and supports, and includes the following culturally and linguistically appropriate service components: outreach; information and assistance/referral; person-centered options counseling; and care coordination. 

Link to application materials.

Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP)


Funding Level: up to $1.6 million
Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Approximately $1,652,162 is available for nonprofit agencies experienced in providing Family Caregiver Support services for unpaid caregivers for older adults and adults 18+ with a disability living in King County.  The Family Caregiver Support Program provides culturally and linguistically appropriate support and services for unpaid caregivers including information and assistance, counseling, support groups, training/consultation, emergency respite coordination, and an evidence-based assessment and referral tool called Tailored Care and Referral or TCARE®.  The Family Caregiver Support Program supports and services reduce physical and emotional stress experienced by caregivers so their loved one is able to live in the community.

Link to application materials.

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

HSD is working to ensure that the City's limited resources are being directed to our most vulnerable residents and to programs that can best leverage the investments for maximum impact on achieving results and reducing disparities.  HSD has issued its 2015 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) which provides an overview of HSD's impending funding opportunities for 2015. Once finalized, HSD will issue individual, detailed funding opportunities for each investment area.   HSD recommends that parties interested in applying for HSD funds check this website regularly, "like" HSD on Facebook or "follow" HSD on Twitter for updates.

Note: In the event of budget additions through Mayoral or City Council budget appropriations, HSD may elect to modify existing contracts until such contracts require a new funding process, or HSD may develop a new funding opportunity to expend the additional funds.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention

Funding Level: up to $350,000
Anticipated Release: July 2015

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (DVSA) Prevention services include youth and young adult programming in schools and/or community-based organizations. Program components may include, but are not limited to, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, de-escalation strategies, increased self-determination and self-advocacy skill development, strength-based and youth-lead models and wrap-around support services. DVSA Prevention programs must be culturally relevant and client-centered.

Sexual Assault Advocacy

Funding Level: up to $592,119
Anticipated Release: July 2015

Medical, legal, and general advocacy, crisis intervention, and 24-hour crisis line/information and referral for victims/survivors of sexual assault. Other support services may be included to address gaps and trends identified by community members and service providers. Sexual assault services must be culturally relevant and client-centered.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Advocacy and Housing Services

Funding Level: up to $350,000
Anticipated Release: July 2015

CSE services provide support for victims/survivors of commercial sexual exploitation to help increase safety and stability. These services include general, medical, and legal advocacy, crisis intervention, 24-hour crisis line/information and referral, management of client assistance dollars (for food, housing, transportation, employment and other related needs to obtain safety and stability), survivor support group facilitation, and training. In addition, CSE funding includes facilitation of the City of Seattles diversion classes for Sex Buyers. CSE programs must be culturally relevant and client-centered.

Adult Day Services

Funding Amount Currently Unavailable
Anticipated Release: August 2015

Adult Day Services programs provide a community-based setting designed to meet the needs of adults with functional disabilities or cognitive impairments through individual plans of care. This type of structured, comprehensive, nonresidential program provides a variety of health, social, and related support services in a protective setting. Adult day services support adults with functional disabilities or cognitive impairments to continue to live in the community. This Request for Qualification process will evaluate an agency’s ability to meet the Adult Day Health and/or Adult Day Care standards outlined in Washington Administrative Code 388-71-0702 through 388-71-0776 (

Long Term Stayers

Funding Level: TBD
Anticipated Release: TBD

A new program to be contracted to a community-based agency to address the housing assistance needs of long-term shelter stayers (people living in shelter over 180 days), a priority population for the Committee to End Homelessness.  Data indicates that the number of long-term stayers in Seattle area shelters is over 800.  In addition to bringing the City into greater compliance with the federal HEARTH Act goals, assisting these long-term stayers in transitioning out of the shelter system will open up much needed space that has been rendered unavailable to individuals and families in crisis as a result of this long-term habitation.

Seattle’s emergency shelter programs are currently operating at capacity, and demand exceeds available supply.  By transitioning the Long Term Stayers out of shelter, we are supporting people to quickly exit the homeless system, which will free up emergency shelter capacity for those 2,300 individuals who are living unsheltered in Seattle. This proposal will provide a portion of the funding to increase provider staffing levels to provide housing navigation assistance.    It is anticipated that this effort will be part of a regional response and that public funding partners within CEH will provide additional fiscal support.

A downloadable PDF of the 2015 NOFA can be found here. 2015 Schedule of Funding Opportunities.

Application Resources

The following resources provide an overview of what you need to know before responding to one of HSDs funding opportunities, including our vision, mission and values and an overview of the Outcomes Framework, a results-based accountability strategy that helps ensure that HSDs investments address disparities and ensure that the most critical human service needs are met.

HSDs Guiding Principles
HSDs Outcomes Framework: Result-Based Accountability
HSDs Commitment to Funding Culturally Responsive Services
Applicant Agency Eligibility and HSD Contracting Requirements
Standard Submission Requirements
Master Agency Services Agreement (Sample)

Click here to download these resources as one PDF File. (Excluding Master Agency Service Agreement)

2014 Funding Opportunities

Food and Meal
Request for Investment (RFI)

Closed: September 15, 2014

Senior Centers
Request for Investment (RFI)

Closed: September 15, 2014

Housing Stability Tenant Education
Letter of Intent (LOI)

Closed: April 10, 2014

Step Ahead Preschools (Families and Education Levy)
Request for Investment (RFI)

Closed: March 12, 2014

Family Child Care Outreach Project
Letter of Intent (LOI)

Closed: March 10, 2014

Youth Build
Letter of Intent (LOI)

Closed: March 10, 2014

Basic Shelter for Families
Letter of Intent (LOI)

Closed: February 14, 2014


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