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2009-2012 Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development

2012 Substantial Amendment

The City of Seattle revised the following sections of the 20092012 Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development:

  • Attachment 1 - Amendment to the 2012 Annual Allocation Plan
  • Attachment 2 - Amendment to the 2011 Annual Allocation Plan
  • Attachment 3 - Emergency Solutions Grant Program Amendment to 2011 Update to the Consolidated Plan

To receive paper copies of this information please contact the CDBG Administrator listed below.

The Consolidated Plan affects how the City uses four federal funds sources to assist low- and moderate-income persons: 1) the Community Development Block Grant, 2) Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS, 3) Home Investment Partnership, and 4) Emergency Shelter Grant.

The 2012 Substantial Amendment from the Mayor to City Council will:

  1. Amend the Consolidated Plan and the 2012 Adopted budgets for the Human Services Department, the Office of Housing, and the Office of Economic Development to match the actual 2012 awards from the federal government and to provide for additional General Fund expenditures to backfill some shortfalls in these federal revenue sources.
  2. Approves an expenditure plan for a second allocation from the U.S. government, to Seattle, of 2011 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds, of which we were notified in November 2011. The legislation approves an expenditure plan for these funds as well.

Interested persons are invited to find out more about the Substantial Amendment by contacting:

Michael Look
CDBG Administrator
700 5th Avenue, 58th Floor
PO Box 34215
Seattle, WA 98124-4215

Seattle Human Services Department
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