The city of Seattle is committed to addressing the homelessness crisis in Seattle.
In order to ensure that Seattle remains an inclusive and accommodating city, we must make sure that Seattle is affordable for all.
HSD is deeply committed to ensuring that all of Seattle youth are prepared to for the future regardless of race, income, immigration status and neighborhood.
The City of Seattle believes that residents deserve the right enjoy the peace of mind that is only available when our homes are free from the threat of violence.
As part of our goal to improve the physical and mental health and well-being of older adults and people with disabilities, Aging and Disability Services in the Seattle Human Services Department has embarked on a number of healthy aging programs, working closely with our community partners.
HSD invests $14.9 million in Public Health – Seattle & King County with the goals to improve the health of our communities, eliminate health inequities and maximize the lifespan of all Seattle residents.