Opportunity Promise

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In 2019, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced that she will form a partnership with Seattle Colleges, local businesses, and labor unions to create the Opportunity Promise program.

Opportunity Promise will build a workforce of the future by providing Seattle Promise students access to paid internships with Seattle's top employers and labor organizations, as well as access to high-quality pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training.

To fulfill the Opportunity Promise, SYEP has partnered with employers, Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL), Mayor’s Office, and Seattle Colleges. Through this partnership, students will be supported by a team of trusted individuals who will work closely with them to develop and enhance their employment skills, thru job readiness assessments, preemployment workshops and training, and meaningful internships for those who qualify.

*This program can include virtual, in person, and hybrid activities per COVID-19 Guidelines, subject to change

As an Opportunity Promise student in 2021
  • Participants may interview for great paying internships with top companies like Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Kaiser Permanente, and more.
  • Those selected will receive job readiness support from mentors and coaches before, during, and after the internship to help position you for that future career. Don’t worry -- We will coach you through the process!
  • Pre-employment workshops and training will prepares you to make the most of this opportunity -- including writing a resume or cover letter and practice on interviewing.
  • These internships will offer a connection with good paying jobs for the future and a great way to network.
  • Some of these employers may even offer post-graduation hiring opportunities.

Lottery Process

Due to high demand, 125 participants will be selected for the summer internship (number of available internships will depend on COVID restrictions/guidelines). Only eligible applications received by April 2, 2021, 11:59 pm, will be entered into a lottery. You will be notified of the results of the lottery -- whether you are accepted or declined. Lottery notifications will be sent by email during the week of April 5, 2021.

SYEP uses a randomized selection process to select program participants. 400 potential participants will be notified that they have been selected for the eligibility process. Additional eligible applicants may be notified that they are on a waitlist and will be contacted if a slot becomes available.