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Public Development Authorities

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Public Development Authorities (PDAs) are unique, independent entities of Seattle government, which are legally separate from the City. This allows accomplishment of public purpose activities without assuming them into the regular functions of City government. Each PDA is governed by a volunteer council, commonly called a governing board, which sets policies and oversees activities and staff. Thus, the success or failure of a public corporation is dependent on its council's abilities.

State and federal law require PDA contracts to contain language to the effect that liabilities incurred by the corporation must be satisfied exclusively from their own assets, and that no creditor or other person shall have a right of action against the City due to any debts, obligations, or liabilities of the public corporation.

Contact the Office of Intergovernmental Relations, Senior Policy Advisor, Kenny Pittman
at 206-684-8364 for more information and assistance
with City PDAs.

PDA Facts:

Did you know...

PDAs have flexibility to get community projects done.

  • They provide efficient services with streamlined procedures.
  • They allow direct community participation in their projects.
  • They have flexibility under State law to administer federal funds.
  • They can combine public taxes and private donations.
  • They may qualify for tax-exempt borrowing rates.

PDAs have a big impact:

  • They have more than $192 million in assets.
  • They have built 13 new buildings.
  • They have remodeled 52 buildings.
  • They own and manage more than 1,287 housing units (mostly low-income), health clinics, community space, commercial and office space, and parking garages.

PDAs are virtually all self-sufficient.

  • PDAs require no City funding from the General Fund. They are typically funded by other public and/or private sources.
  • As public agencies, PDAs' revenues and expenses are developed with their budget in a public process.
  • The City has never needed to make a bond payment for a PDA.

PDAs rely heavily on volunteers.

  • Volunteers provide the PDAs with management and design expertise worth thousands of dollars.
  • PDAs have many volunteer groups who help them achieve their public purposes.

Burke Gilman Place PDA

9 members appointed by Mayor, 3-year term. Carry out the development and maintenance of residential, health care, and education facilities on a 20-acre site in northeast Seattle.

JaRon Snow
Alliance Strategies LLC
PO Box 472
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
Tel: (425) 771-4189

More information about the Burke Gilman Place PDA

Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program

12 members, 3 appointed by Mayor, 6 elected by constituency, and 3 appointed by the CHHIP Council, 3-year term. Assist homeowners, property owners, tenants and residents of the Capitol Hill community in preserving and restoring the quality of their homes, property and neighborhood.

Chris Persons, Executive Director
1406 10th Avenue, Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98122
Tele (206) 329-7303
Fax (206) 329-1857

Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program Web Site

Historic Seattle PDA

12 members, 4 appointed by Mayor, 4 appointed by PDA Council, 4 elected by constituency, 4-year term. Preservation and enhancement of the historic heritage of Seattle for the mutual pride and enjoyment of all citizens, and creation of a more livable environment within the historic areas of the city.

Kathleen Brooker, Executive Director
1117 Minor Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
Tele (206) 622-6952, ext 222
Fax (206) 622-1197

Historic Seattle Web Site

Museum Development Authority

9 members, 3 appointed by Mayor, 3 appointed by Seattle Art Museum, 3 appointed by MDA Council, 3-year term. Undertake, assist with, and otherwise facilitate the operation of the Seattle Art Museum in downtown Seattle.

Bob Cundall
c/o Seattle Art Museum
P. O. Box 22000
Seattle, WA 98122-9700
Tele (206) 654-3150
Fax (206) 654-3135

Pacific Hospital PDA

9 members, 4 appointed by Mayor, 1 by King County Executive, 4 by the PHPDA Governing Council. The PHPDA is responsible for the Beacon Hill property, formerly known as Pacific Hospital or the Public Health Service Hospital. It uses lease revenues from the property to purchase healthcare services for the poor -- with a priority on providing specialty services to patients referred by Community Health Centers and Health Department Clinics. It champions effective healthcare for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the Seattle-King County community.

Rosemary B. Aragon, Executive Director
1200 12th Ave So, Quarters 2
Seattle, WA 98144
Tele (206) 325 1357
Fax(206) 325 1376

Pacific Hospital PDA Web Site

Pike Place Market PDA

12 members, 4 appointed by Mayor, 4 appointed by PDA Council, 4 by constituency, 4-year term. Responsible for setting policies by which the Pike Place Market is managed and hiring an Executive Director to carry out those policies.

Carol Binder, Executive Director
85 Pike Street, Room 500
Seattle, WA 98101
Tele (206) 682-7453
Fax (206) 625-0646

Pike Place Market Web Site

Seattle Chinatown/International District PDA

12 members, 4 appointed by Mayor, 4 elected by PDA Council, 4 elected by constituency, 4-year term. International District's housing developer and economic/retail management agency.

Maiko Winkler-Chin, Executive Director
Post Office Box 3302
Seattle, WA 98104
Tele (206) 624-8929
Fax (206) 467-6376

Seattle Chinatown/International District Web Site

Seattle Indian Services Commission

9 members appointed by the Commission and confirmed by City Council. Provide effective, comprehensive, and coordinated planning services, activities, and programs that will meet the unique needs of the many American Indians residing in the city.

J. Michael Marshall, Executive Director
606 12th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144
Tele (206) 329-6594
Fax (206) 322-0540

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