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To be a national leader in using technology to dramatically expand civic engagement and public discourse. This is the goal statement recommended by the Seattle Commission on Electronic Communications, a volunteer citizen group that worked with staff to create a new vision and roadmap to enhance our city government television channel and its website. We refer to this initiative as Seattle's Democracy Portal.

Seattle is one of the few cities worldwide that have a dedicated electronic democracy initiative.

Below are background and descriptive documents about the plans and process for bringing electronic democracy to Seattle. Note that the Seattle Channel, the City's government access TV channel and its website, represent the core of the implementation of our eDemocracy program. These links are also included below:

Seattle Commission on Electronic Communications

Seattle Commission on Electronic Communications
A short-term and long-term vision and direction for the City's television station and its web site in order to increase public awareness, understanding and participation in government, community and cultural affairs, from December 2001.

Articles and Presentations

New Elements of Democracy: Transforming Civic Involvement in Seattle, by Rona Zevin, published in the NATOA Journal, 2003

Seattle Democracy Portal Drives Civic Participation, by Michelle Gamble-Risley, Government Technology

Seattle Democracy Portal
Presented May, 2004 by Rona Zevin, Director, Office of Electronic Communications, City of Seattle at the Oxford Internet Institute Symposium on Electronic Democracy.
Complete Symposium Proceedings, May 2004 (PDF format)

E - The future of Democracy?
Presented by Rona Zevin at the Eureka Democracy Conference, Ballarat, Australia, November 2004

The Interface of PEG and the Internet, by Rona Zevin, published in the Journal of Municipal Telecommunications Policy, Summer 2005 (PDF format)

Seattle Channel

Explore the Seattle Channel Website, the implementation of our Democracy Portal

Seattle Channel Budget and Staffing

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