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Construction Bids

Construction Bidding Opportunities

Solicitations and bid documents for City construction projects are available to view and download at eBid.  A separate registration is required.

Public Works - Construction Contract NEWS

To our colleagues:

The City is discontinuing our Small Works Roster effective March 1, 2012. As you know, we established the Roster some years ago for construction projects under $300,000. However, the Roster does not meet our expectations and was rarely used.

A significant reason is basic efficiency. With 761 contractors on the Roster, only 6 projects were issued last year. That means only a handful of companies got an opportunity to quote, despite the effort to apply and sustain the Roster. We don’t wish to sustain processes without a reasonable shot at real work.

WMBE is an important measure for City Purchasing, for Mayor Mike McGinn and the City. The Roster has very disappointing results for WMBE. It seems more an obstacle for WMBE firms. WMBE firms had a harder time winning work through the Roster than our Job Order Contracts (JOC) or even traditional bids. We do not intend to support contract methods that create institutional or structural barriers for WMBE firms, and we intend to focus our work instead on contract methods that provide more equitable results.

We may establish custom-made rosters in the future, for specialized work with sufficient City department funding to merit, and will advertise those as appropriate when they arise.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Nancy Locke, Director
City Purchasing and Contracting Services Division
Department of Finance and Administrative Services


  1. The City will now post all bid documents received, in addition to the standard bid summary. They should be posted for viewing Thursday following bid opening. This allows you to access the documents directly and as soon as possible. The bid documents will be as received; they will not have completed responsiveness and responsibility reviews. Please use your login to access the Documents section for the bids you are interested in viewing. If you have questions, call Judy Keefe at 206-684-8032 or
  2. WMBE Subcontractors: Be sure to look at the bid documents once they are posted, to determine if you are on the "WMBE Contract Log" with a guaranteed commitment of use should your Prime win the award.
  3. The City holds monthly workshops on the first Wednesday of each month. General and prime contractors, estimators, woman and minority business subcontractors, and experts and interested consultants in WMBE utilization for construction would especially benefit from this workshop, hosted by the City contracting staff. Check the City’s Public Outreach and Events Calendar for details.
  4. The WMBE Inclusion Plan Past Performance rates will be recalculated to include 2011 data, once we have completed compiling and analyzing the 2011 data. We expect the new rates to be integrated into the bid forms by March 1, 2012. If you have questions, you may call Miguel Beltran at 206-684-0385 or

Job Order Contracting/Subcontractor Opportunities

Significant subcontracting opportunities are available for subs interested in participating on City projects.



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