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Application Package includes the following:

  1. Application Instructions
  2. Contractor Application

Interested contractors should complete the HomeWise Single-Family Weatherization Contractor Application and carefully read and review the HomeWise Single-Family Weatherization Contract, so that you understand the requirements of the program.  

See also workforce hiring qualifications for single family contractors.

*To help prepare to submit bid information, the Unit Price Worksheet lists the measures and specifications.  This section is for informational purposes only and will need to be completed after the application has been reviewed and references have been checked.   Actual prices used in bidding must be submitted electronically in an excel spreadsheet.  HomeWise staff will send the spreadsheet for contractors to complete and return via email during the application process.

Qualified contractors are added to the roster and are eligible to bid on Single-Family Full Weatherization (SFFW) jobs.

Contractor Roster

To be included on the HomeWise Weatherization Roster, contractors must complete both the HomeWise Single-Family Weatherization Contractor Application and submit their Unit Price bid information.

  1. Open to any contractor with specified qualifications.
  2. New contractors can apply at any time.
  3. Certification: At least one key member of the contractor’s staff must have a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification.
  4. Each crew member must be trained and certified for Lead-Safe Weatherization (LSW).
  5. Demonstrated successful completion of at least two projects of similar size and scope.
  6. Ability to meet deadlines: Deadlines for job completion must be met in order for a contractor to remain on the HomeWise roster.
  7. Capacity: Contractor must demonstrate the capacity to maintain production and adequate cash flow while awaiting payment. At a minimum, contractor should be able to carry $50,000.00 worth of work with the Program that carries no obligation for other work.

After HomeWise Single Family Full Weatherization Application is processed and accepted by HomeWise, contractor will be notified and added to the program roster, and included in the electronic bid system. Contractor will be required to complete two trial jobs before being eligible for additional work.

Electronic Unit Price Bid System

  1. HomeWise staff determines scope of work using measures and quantities from the specifications.
  2. HomeWise generates electronic bids using contractors’ unit prices from their information submitted electronically.
  3. Jobs are awarded based on price comparison and non-price criteria.

    Examples of non-price criteria are:
    • Work capacity
    • Inspection passage rate
    • Job completion timeliness
    • Financial capacity

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