Emphasis Map

Per the City's encampment removal rules, the City may identify specific areas as emphasis areas, which are places where an encampment has become a consistent problem. When designating an emphasis area, the City will make a determination based on the totality of the circumstances of the particular location. The City will post signage at an emphasis area, stating that: camping is prohibited, any material found in that area may be removed without further notice, where personal property is stored and how the owner can retrieve their belongings.

The removal of tents and belongings from posted emphasis areas does not require notice as with other encampments, though personal belongings will be stored. When items are collected for storage from an emphasis area, it will be included in the list of items stored, which can be found on the Encampment Cleanups page.

No more than 10 emphasis areas will be identified as such at any one time, and those locations will be identified on the below map.