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For more information on Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA), see our What is MHA? page or visit the City Council's MHA Committee website. 

For an overview of recent accomplishments and ongoing work, download our two-page dashboard on HALA strategies. 

Monthly newsletter: Previous issues available in the HALA Newsletter Archive.
Online conversation: HALA.Consider.it (now closed but anyone can read the community input captured there)


Reddit "Ask Me Anything"

On March 30 City staff answered questions about affordable housing and HALA on Reddit. Read the dialogue to learn more about HALA and learn from your neighbors. We will be hosting more AMAs, so check our calendar to stay informed.

Consider.it: Online conversations between neighbors (ongoing)

Read the feedback we've received about MHA zoning proposals and share your own thoughts.

HALA Housing Stories

Attending events and talking to Seattlites about their housing situations has been a huge learning experience for the HALA team. After so many listening sessions, we decided to start capturing stories from the people affected by the changes in our city. Here are a few stories from your neighbors on our Youtube channel. Feel free to share your story with us. We will add it to our playlist.

Housing Stories Videos

Telephone Town Halls

The Mayor called 70,000 households directly to talk with them about HALA. This was a direct dial program, based on zipcodes on the following dates:

January 31, 2016 (audio recording)
February 2, 2016 (audio recording)
February 4, 2016 (audio recording)

Focus Group (Archive)

Community Focus Groups met for nearly one year to help craft the principles guiding how we implement MHA. Maps of proposed zoning changes are available online and at in-person meetings. Have a look below for links to more information. Please check the calendar often for other opportunities to engage and share your ideas.

We summarized Focus Group input on the MHA implementation principles. This packet includes the key materials that the Focus Groups reviewed and discussed. 

MHA Development Examples

See illustrations of example buildings in various zones under new MHA development standards and affordable housing requirements:

Focus Group Meeting Materials










Handouts & Presentations

Meeting Summary