HALA Community Focus Groups


Community Focus Groups have been meeting monthly since April 2016 and will continue their work through the end of this year. These meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome to listen to group discussion and chime in with input at appropriate times on the agenda. The resources on this page are for the community at large, as well as Focus Groups, so that everyone is up to speed. Right now Focus Groups are looking at the draft MHA zoning changes that were guided by the MHA Principles that they and the public helped to develop. All are welcome to share their thoughts on these maps through our online conversation at HALA.Consider.it. Please check the calendar often for other opportunities to engage and share your ideas.

Key Resources

Principles for MHA Implementation: Read our final summary of Focus Group input on the guiding principles for implementing MHA zoning changes citywide.

Draft MHA Zoning Maps

See the draft zoning changes to put MHA into effect at our online conversation platform, HALA.Consider.it.  You'll also find a short video explaining how to read and understand the maps.

We want your input! This first draft is intended to solicit feedback and ideas for improving the zoning changes that will implement MHA affordable housing requirements. 

MHA Development Examples

See illustrations of example buildings in various zones under new MHA development standards and affordable housing requirements:

Focus Group Meeting Materials









April Focus Group orientation

Handouts & Presentations

Meeting Summary