Promote Efficient and Innovative Development


Promote Efficient and Innovative Development




Efficient + Innovative Development

Parking Reform

  • SDCI Parking Review Report, April 2015
    • This report outlines the history of parking approaches in Seattle, describes current conditions and offers strategies to optimize parking across a variety of building types and transportation modes.
  • Do not re-introduce parking mandates in Urban Villages/Centers (SDCI)
  • Definition of Frequent Transit Service (SDCI)
  • Reduce parking reqs for multifamily housing outside Urban Villages/Centers (SDCI)
  • Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Program policy review & recommendations (SDOT)
  • Explore improving right of way (ROW) management (SDOT)

Streamline City Permit Processes

  • Consider changes to Design Review (SDCI)
  • Consider changes to Historic Preservation (DON / OPCD)
  • Improve coordination of permitting activities between city departments (OED / SDCI)
  • Reduce the number of housing projects subject to SEPA (OPCD / SDCI)
  • Consider building and fire code modifications (OPCD / SDCI)
  • Allow flexible reuse of large, unique development sites (OPCD / SDCI)