Support for Renters

The City strengthened laws protecting renters from living in sub-standard housing and renters can no longer be discriminated against based on how they pay their rent.
Rental Registration + Inspection Code
Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance
Antidiscrimination protections for tenants with alternative sources of income
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Leveraging Growth for Affordability

The City, through new development downtown, has created community benefits and affordable housing. In the last two years we have leveraged growth and created over 1500 new affordable homes. Learn more.

Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA)

For the first time, we are mandating that new development contribute to affordable housing throughout our city. This program will add 6,000 new rent-restricted homes over 10 years. Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) has been passed for the U District and Downtown/South Lake Union. We are looking for community input on the citywide proposal. Join the conversation.

Seattle Housing Levy

For 30 years the Housing Levy has been key to building housing for those most in need. HALA called for a doubling of Housing Levy dollars and the voters agreed. More affordable housing is being built in our city because of this investment.

Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE)

We took the existing (Multifamily Tax Exemption or MFTE) program and expanded its reach. Rent-restricted homes in new buildings were only allowed in certain neighborhoods before. As a result we have more affordable housing being built in more places.