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mapping services: standard maps: planning map series
Planning Map Series

The Planning Map Series is intended to provide a generalized geographic context for a moderately large area, using a scale of 1:9600 (1 inch on the map = 800 feet on the ground). Available Themes include: Critical Areas, Street Network, Topography & Drainage, Public Facilities, Present Land Use. Each theme, with the exception of Present Land Use is also available as a single preprinted, City Wide map.

Street Network
street network map The Street Network
is used by transportation planners to get an overall picture of street classifications and signalization for the City. It is also used for maintenance planning and traffic forecasts.

The City's street grid
is represented on
these maps by street centerlines. Principal and minor arterials, freeways, secondary streets, and Metro bus stops are shown. Signal locations are derived from data maintained by Seattle Transportation Dept. City parks have been included for reference.

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