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Map Sets

Several map series have been created for specific internal purposes of various City departments. Although these maps are typically designed to meet a particular business need, they can sometimes be useful for a variety of unintended purposes. Several map sets are available by request to City staff and the public. Map sets may be requested in their entirety or by individual map sheet.

Available Map Sets: Quarter-Section Maps, Sewer & Drainage Infrastructure, Electrical Distribution System, and DPD Map Book Pages.

Sewer & Drainage Infrastructure
Each map sheet in the Sewer & Drainage Map Set depicts either sewer features or drainage features at a scale of 1"=500'. Originally designed for used by field utility crews, these maps are annotated with important information such as pipe length, direction of flow and invert elevations. The Sewerage Facility Map shows annotated sewer features such as mainlines, catch basins, maintenance holes, stand pipes, outfalls and sand boxes. The Drainage Facility Map shows primary drainage infrastructure features including mainlines, culverts, ditches and outfalls.
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